Feed to Read | A Fundraiser for Madison Reading Project

By Madison Reading Project (other events)

Sunday, October 19 2014 10:30 AM 1:00 PM

Feed to Read | A Fundraiser for Madison Reading Project @ Bunky’s Café.

Come and enjoy a delicious Brunch with us on Oct. 19th, hosted by Bunky's Cafe.  A variety of foods will be served including vegetarian and vegan options. In addition our student entrepreneurs will host a marketplace for you to shop before or after your meal. All money raised will go to our nonprofit to help make a brighter world for our children here in Madison through literacy. 

Our nonprofit mission is helping children at risk find a love for reading and helping others.  Madison Reading Project is partnered with Salvation Army of Dane County and AfricaBridge. Our reading program enriches the afterschool programming with books and activities about children around the world and Africa.  The kids are also paired with a school in Tanzania.  They are able to communicate via letters, email, photos and skype.  Great strides have been made this year.  During the spring semester they read over 12,000 pages and the summer camp read over 8000 pages.  Lastly, over 150 new books have been donated to the Salvation Army library, over $2000 raised for the afterschool program, $2000 donated to AfricaBridge, 4 cows donated to their partnered village and the lives of the children in Madison have been impacted.  They love to read and help others.   

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